How to Use DirectionsAndMaps

Just a few simple tips on how to use the widget...

Enter an Address

Click on the input field to start typing out an address. Pick the location from our prediction list to add to the route. Add as many addresses, or stops, as needed to complete your route.


Adjust your Route

If you need to reorder any of your stops, click and hold the grey icon to the right of the stop. While holding, move the stop to the correct spot in the list.


Remove a Stop

While hovering over the address, a button will appear. Simply click it to delete the stop.

How to Manage DirectionsAndMaps?

Just a few simple tips on how to manage the widget...

Activate the Widget

While on any website, click on the floating button to open the widget.


Disable the Widget

To hide the button and widget, hover over the button to trigger the "power" button. Click the button to choose the best option.


Reactivate the Widget

Click the DirectionsAndMaps widget icon in your browser's toolbar.

Print your directions and take them with you!

With DirectionsAndMaps you can simply find desired directions, print them and take them with you on your trip. Try it today, always 100% free!